About us

 Line is a global leader in electronics and electrical components distribution with over a decade of experience since its establishment in 2004.  We provide total solution to our customers’ component requirements and serve diverse industries such as consumer electronics products, PC peripherals, automotive, automation, machinery, telecom, medical and power generation sectors, etc.



Line has a network of 6000 worldwide suppliers. Over the years we have established and maintained extensive business relationships and gained key contacts that provide  with excellence in tracking and managing various manufacturers’ obsolescence/EOL/PCN,  Line components  raise alert to customers of the same and help them migrate to better and upward compatible electronic components thereby reducing the risk of production stoppage and revenue loss.

Line Components with a fast and effective service.


We will support :

superior  serviceadvantage pricestable supplyfaithful operation are the basement established in electric industry.



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 Company Culture

Honesty is the founding of the country, it is the legislation of the country. Will be "good faith" is rooted in the corporate culture of the word, and through practical activities to be down-to-earth sublimation. Ferguson always pursue the "heart in the heart, the letter in the line" of the core values, in good faith from the people, in good faith to win the world.


Brand is the source of benefits, is the development of enterprises in the condensed out of the largest intangible assets. In the market economy, corporate brand has become the key to win the favor of customers and enterprises to seek long-term survival and development. Feierke is committed to the pursuit of excellence, excellence in the development of ideas, and carefully cultivate and create a corporate brand, take the initiative to seize market initiative, and guide the direction of consumption, access to sustainable competitive advantage.